has conferred STENODAC with the honour and title as



The award was handed over to MR. ALIRIO SALDANHA, Director of Stenodac, by MR. PRAHLAD KAKKAR, the Ad Guru amongst other dignitaries and eminent guests at a gala event at the prestigious ITC MAURYA held in New Delhi on 13th of April, 2013. This is the very first time that an Institute from Goa has won this national-level honorary award.



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Stenodac Brands Academy Awards 2013

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Today, as never before, you need some type of specialisd training to qualify for the Career of your choice. YOU can get that training through a range of OUR job and Career-oriented Course. STENODAC offers practical Courses leading to new careers or job advancement, self-improvement and personal growth.
You do not need any previous experience or high qualifications to undergo our Courses. OUR training will guarantee YOUR SUCCESS!
Do not let your real talent and worth go undeveloped. STENODAC can give you the training you need to become a SUCCESSFUL and help you to gain a rewarding and fulfilling CAREER.
With STENODAC you are not just enrolling in a Course, you are investing your future with a proper education. You will be learning skills that you will keep and use for the rest of your life. A good education pays you rewards like better job opportunities, faster job advancements and promotions.
You will also gain a better understanding of the type of work you will do and develop more confidence in your own abilities. You will gain respect from your superiors and colleagues in the work place.
STENODAC’S teaching staff is knowledgeable, friendly and sincerely ready to help you – during your training and even after. The chief instructors are specialists and experienced in their respective fields, so you get the best training in the easiest way. They are dedicated to ensure that YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL in life!
STENODAC is one of the oldest Institutes in Goa offering a complete range of Secretarial, Office, Computer, Travel and other Office Training Management Career Courses, Creative & Visual Arts, Languages, Fashion Designing, besides also offering Courses several other fields. It has withstood time and competition to become the leading Institute of its kind  training over 1500 students each year.
STENODAC uses the latest teaching aids from City & Guilds Pitman Qualifications, U.K., and Pryor Seminars & Career Track, U.S.A. Pitman is the world renowned and leading authority in Secretarial, Business, Information Technology and Management Students. Stenodac also uses Courseware from other leading international organisations.
Latest equipment is introduced regularly. Courseware is revised to keep in touch with the times.
The right EDUCATION is the passport to your success, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it TODAY. So look up the Courses STENODAC has to offer and select the ones that will help you on your ROAD TO SUCCESS. We will help you train for a well-paying career in that field.


In today’s world, the most sensible advice one can offer any young person is “INVEST IN YOURSELF”. If you think about it, this is the only real safe investment.
Nations have been razed over-night. Money can be devalued. Even banks have failed. However, the specialist knowledge you put into your head and the qualifications you acquire are yours – ALWAYS. Nobody can ever take that from you. Whatever may happen in the years ahead, the trained man or woman – the qualified person – has earning power.
Any wise parent or guardian will be in no doubt that a qualification which provides the person with an ability to function in a job environment, and with an ability to build a career and earn good living is such a rewarding investment, that it is worth almost anything to see that their wards get it.
You will agree with us that in this highly competitive field of employment, jobs are scarce and only efficient and well-trained young people stand a fair chance in obtaining a decently paid job. With this in mind, we have designed our various Courses to provide you with a sound training in every aspect of your chosen profession.
Office work comprises of a tremendous variety of activities which appeal to different types of people, so there is virtually something for everybody, as well as dozens of excellent career opportunities. Whatever you want to do – you will find our Courses most helpful.


Established in 1971, multi-thousands of youngsters in GOA have benefited through QUALITY EDUCATION and are well-employed in Goa, India and thousands are working in the Gulf and other countries world-wide.
With over 1500 students training every year, STENODAC candidates are easily employed in Government Departments, Corporate Organisations, Business Houses, Large and Small Establishments. Stenodac’s Diplomas and Certificates are recognised and accepted everywhere.
All successful students are offered FREE PLACEMENT without any fees or obligations.
Many students have gone on to start their own entrepreneur businesses and and are highly successful in their endevours.
With training Courseware from internationally renowned organisations like Pitman Qualification City & Guilds, U.K., Pryor Seminars and Career Track, U.S.A. and other reputed Organisations, students get the best training possible. Thousands will testify as to their easy adaptability to various job requirements in any work situation.


It is not just a slogan or an emotional expression. 42 years of PROVEN HISTORY backs us up. STENODAC sets the standards for others to follow.
In fact, most of the office-related training Courses in Goa, including practical Computer Courses – have been started by Stenodac. With a progressive vision to give the PEOPLE of GOA the best in job-oriented Courses – dozens of new Programs were started in the last three decades.
The Institute has withstood time and competition to become the leading Institute of it’s kind in the State, enjoying the goodwill of the people by training over 1500 students each year.
STENODAC constantly raises the standard: with newer Courses, latest equipment, updated Courseware, better facilities, a pleasant studying atmosphere and quality infrastructure.
Besides, our Trainers regularly undergo refresher training, to ensure that they are updated with teaching programs that are in keeping with the times.
Being progressive and dynamic, newer innovative programs are being launched regularly, especially in careers that are related to the changing of times. Half a dozen Courses in the fields of Visual Arts and Graphics have been launched in 2001! The highly popular 1-year practical “Fashion Designing & Garment Technology Course” was introduced in 2006. New Language Courses have been launched too.
Stenodac’s often repeated adage “Keeping in Touch with the Times” is part of an ongoing process to offer careers for the youth of today’s – NxT GENERATION!